Socially distanced Summer Holiday in the Alps

Socially distanced Summer Holiday in the Alps

The French Alps

The perfect location for a socially distanced summer holiday this year. Les Gets views of the alpine mountain range and rolling green meadows gives you the chance to get that summer holiday feel and still avoid the crowds. Wildflowers, thick grass and sprawls of trees cover the mountainside, while the chime of bells worn by cows and goats fill the meadows. The mountain trails, chairlifts and restaurants are all open until Sunday 20th September. You can reach the village of Les Gets in just 1 hour and 15 minutes from Geneva airport, or if you've taken the ferry to Calais, it's an 8 hour drive. Les Gets temperature averages at 18-20 degrees in the summer months, making it worth the journey to the ideal climate to stay active in.

Hiking & Mountain Biking

The hiking paths and mountain bike trails will give you and your family the chance to explore the mountain and see sights that you could only find on postcards or your laptop's screen background. The Les Gets mountain biking experience is made easy to navigate by the graded cycle trails that let you know how difficult the path will be, so you can choose a level that suits you and your family. Les Gets also has dedicated mountain bike circuits for families to enjoy the scenery from. The village even has a bike park for children's mountain biking, called the Kid's Zone. Les Gets bike park is great for the younger ones to get some practice in before setting off on the trails over the mountain. The mountain's many signposts can lead you to places like Lake Montriond, which sits like a blue jewel in the shadows of green hills and grey cliff faces. The space on the trails makes social distancing an easy going experience for you and the family. The local farms are open for visitors to wander through and see the world of French agriculture and can give your kids the chance to be little farmers.

Water Park

The aqua park Wibit is just a short walk from Chalet Les Mûres, where your kids can soak in the sun, rather than being drenched by the damp British Summer. The water park can be a place for you to relax in a deckchair, after your mountain wanderlust has been satisfied and watch the kids make memories. The swimming lake and aqua inflatable obstacle course are watched over by lifeguards, so you can rest easy knowing your children's safety is being looked after.

Eating & Drinking

Restaurants, bars and cafes in the village and along the mountain trails serve up Savoyard cuisine; a delicious taste of the French Alps to fuel your families wanderings. When you've had your fill of exploration, Chalet Les Mûres makes an ideal place to retreat to, where you and your family can rest in front of the wood burning stove.

The Chalet

The chalet is available for hire from June until 17th July 2020 and again from 16th August 2020 onwards. However, the lifts for the summer season will be closing on the 20th September, for the inter-season change over. You can book your summer alpine break here and set off to your French alpine chalet for that holiday abroad you've been craving.

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