Tips for over 60s skiers

Tips for over 60s skiers

Finding the best resorts to ski in for over 60s can be a challenge.

Lots of ski resorts pride themselves on their wild nightlife and the fast paced experience of their slopes. Journeying to the resort can be long and arduous with heavy bags which can leave you with extra stress to let go of during your ski break. The ease of access to the skiing commune of Les Gets makes it ideal for mature skiers to have an easy start to their ski trip. The airport transfer from Geneva to Les Gets can be made in just over an hour and the gentle slopes are outside your chalet's front door, so there's no need for long journeys from your chalet. The multitude of green and blue slopes make the resort more friendly to the joints. You'll even have some energy left over to enjoy the evening in some of the beautiful local restaurants both in the traditional alpine village and out on the slopes. The delicious cuisine and soothing country life let you enjoy your ski holiday at a pace that suits you.

Learning to Ski as an Older Adult

Some people may ask "is 60 too old to learn to ski?" It's never too late to teach an old dog some new tricks. There are ski schools and tutors in Les Gets village that you can book in with to learn some new moves or polish up your skills. The choice of adult group lessons or private ones gives you the option to learn in a way that best suits you. The abundance of gentle slopes surrounding Les Gets make it an ideal place for mature skiers and new comers to the sport. You want ski slopes that aren't going to push you to the limit and that won't make you too tired to even lift up your glass of wine in the evening.

Having the Latest Gear

Be prepared. Your ski wear from back in the day may be outdated and can be a potential safety risk. Getting your skis and bindings reset and making sure your boots fit are integral to keeping your feet in control of your skis. Wearing layers and waterproof clothes is essential to staying warm and dry throughout the day and putting on suntan lotion which will protect your face from the sunlight reflected off the snow. The advancements in ski thermals and equipment have made the ski environment safer than it has ever been, so it's worth the investment in some of the advancements for your own well-being. If you have forgotten something while you are out there or you are not sure if you're fully prepared for everything the mountain has to offer, then there are ski rentals and clothes shops in Les Gets village that can get you outfitted to face the elements.

Skiing isn't the Only Way you can Spend your Time

Spending every day out on the slopes is exhausting, no matter your age. That's why taking some relaxing days out to keep yourself healthy and energetic are recommended. The village of Les Gets is surrounded by natural beauty you can explore at your leisure. You can dine out on alpine cuisine, check out the local museum of mechanical music and wander about the local shops for souvenirs for all your friends and family. You could even pick up some food from some of the local farm shops, cook up a meal back at Chalet Les Mûres and kick back in front of the wood burning stove.

Staying Healthy, Avoiding Injury and Covid-19

Staying fit and healthy is important at any age, but becoming more vulnerable to sickness and losing muscle mass happens a lot faster in our later years. With the risk of Covid-19 now impacting how we live our lives, it's a serious factor to consider when deciding on what resort is the safest choice. France's lockdown rules have kept the R number of the country to a minimum thanks to the country's population abiding by the guidelines. The chalet itself is a short walk down to the slopes of Les Gets and there are no large gondolas that run the risk of breaking the social distancing rules. The chalet itself will be of exclusive access to you during your stay with private parking and remote key collection. It is cleaned up to the standards of Doctor's surgeries and the major operators of ski hire equipment in the area use some of the best methods of disinfection to keep the Chalet as safe as possible. While hygiene is a top priority, so is keeping your body in fit condition. Doing so will make those aches and pains from a day of skiing a little less noticeable and make injuries less likely. You'll be using a lot of your body to guide yourself down the slopes, but no part of you more so than your legs. Building up your leg muscle's endurance with some exercise before your trip will mean you'll get more out of your time when you ski. Should you meet with an unfortunate accident however, there are medical facilities in the village in case of any injuries sustained.

Who said going downhill in your older years of life is a bad thing? Skiing can be tough, but that doesn't mean it can't be invigorating. Revitalise the active side to you and book Chalet Les Mûres for a skiing holiday.

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